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QUESTION: “Is this some kind of a pyramid, or multi-Level Marketing program?”
ANSWER: Absolutely not. This is simply a way for Luxevo Vacations to show our appreciation to our wonderful Travel Specialist that are already referring people to us to join our host agency program. Plus, there are no “levels”, or “downlines”. 

QUESTION: “Do the people I send my link to work under me?”
ANSWER: Nope. You do not have any responsibility for those people, and you won’t receive compensation for any travel sales that they generate.

QUESTION: Am I required to refer my friends to join Luxevo Vacations as a Travel Specialist?
ANSWER: Heavens no! But if you have someone asking how they could do what YOU do, then it’s up to you if you want to send them your unique affiliate link. Again, this program is totally optional.

QUESTION: “If someone uses my link to join, when will I get paid?”
ANSWER: We pay out once per month, about 30 days AFTER they enroll.

QUESTION: “I already referred a friend that joined, can I get credit for them?”
ANSWER: Thank you for referring your friend to us, but unfortunately no. 

QUESTION: “My spouse wants to work the business with me. Should they use my link to register?”
ANSWER: Probably not. We already have a program for spouses, partners, or companions. Contact support@luxevovacations.com for information on that.

QUESTION: “Am I limited on how many people that I can refer using my affiliate link?”
ANSWER: No. Of course not. Just remember that if you refer your entire family, your days of selling them travel will probably be over. 
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